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Russian Marriage Tours

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The goal is a successful marriage with the woman of your dreams. View the specific details to achieve this.


The cost is not marginal because the most beautiful women are found in Novosibirsk (as per model scouts). Thus, the quality is extremely high. 

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What is a Russian Marriage Tour?


This is a ten day tour in Novosibirsk, Russia. Here, you will be introduced to local women that are interested in marrying a man from a Western country.  

Individual Dates.   

Here is where you meet the local women on individual bases.   

Your Own Translator.  

Your translator will assist you with the language barrier. Moreover, your translator will have your best interest in mind. She will become familiar with what you are looking for in a potential bride.  

Use of a Smartphone.  

You will have access to the internet via your smartphone. We'll provide you with a sim card that will allow you to use the internet on your phone. If you don't have a smartphone, let us know. We'll provide one for you. 

Lift From the Airport. 

Once you get here, we'll meet you and provide you with transportation to the hotel. After your tour is over, we will arrange and cover the cost of transportation to the airport. 


You will stay at an elegant hotel. The hotel will be located near the center where various restaurants, bar, and cafes are located.

Men's Coaching.  

We'll provide you with coaching so that you can properly interact with Russian women. You'll get introduced to the culture. Also, we'll give you information on how to better attract a potential bride. The coaching will be continuous throughout your stay.   


The cost is $9,999.00 per individual. Installment payments are permitted and we are flexible with the arrangements. All funds due prior to arrival.    


Our goal is to connect you with the women you really desire. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We will show you around Russia. 

Moreover, our goal is education in the areas of relationships and self-improvement. As such, it is our sincere wish that you find the woman of your dreams. We are here to facilitate this wish. Click here to subscribe. See you soon! 

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