In this video below, Eddie talks about what makes for a successful marriage. 


 Marriage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. What is an individual tour? 


This tour is designed with American men and other westerners in mind. The goal is to meet Russian women for marriage. Therefore, we invite you to come to Novosibirsk, Russia. Once you are here, you will go on individual dates with women you preselect.


  1. Do we offer group tours? 


The answer is "no." We expect to give the utmost attention to our clients. We will only give our full attention one at a time.  


  1. Can I see the profiles of the women before?


The answer is "yes." Eddie and Tim have personally met the women. They have been living in Novosibirsk since June 2017. We continue to grow our database of women that are interested in meeting you.

Keep this in mind: Many dating/marriage sites offer thousands of pictures of women. Unfortunately, many of these companies engage in fraud. This is because the profiles are fake. The best way to meet a woman for long term relationship, including marriage, is to meet in person.  


  1. Do we offer letter writing services? 


No. Letter service companies are known as being fraudulent. The women who correspond have been known to have others correspond on their behalf. We do not engage in these practices.  


  1.  Do I need a Visa to go to Russia?

Yes, you will need a Russian Visa. Apply for this within 90 days of your arrival to Russia. Typically, it may take three to four weeks for you to receive your Russia Visa once you apply for it. Here is a YouTube link that explains this better.  



  1. Do you offer translators? 


Yes, you will have a translator assigned to you. The translator will be available when you go on a date during the days of the tour. The translator will be a woman associated with us. This means that she has your best interest in mind.  


  1. How important is age difference? Can I meet someone younger than me? 


An older man dating a younger woman is normal behavior based on Russian standards. A twenty-four year age difference is normal. Beyond those years, relationships still exist, but they are less common. The age of the women in our database vary. For the most part, the ages ranges are from the age of 18 to the late 40s.


As a side note, you want to be more interested in the woman's likeability factor rather than age. There is credible evidence to support the idea that chemistry is a better indicator of a successful marriage (as opposed to a considerable age difference as the driving factor for a successful marriage).  Also, keep this in mind. In Russia, the age difference is not as important as in the most Western countries.


  1. Are the women real?


The women are screened before we present them to you. We are looking for genuine interest on their part. This means that we are looking for women that are interested in sharing their entire life with men from the United States. Women are also required to complete a registration form and to complete an interview process.  Again, Eddie and Tim have personally met a substantial number of the women.


    9. Is it possible to meet within 10 days and then consider marriage within that time frame? 


Yes. Both men and women are coming for a purpose and this creates attraction. The man has already decided he wants a Russian wife and the woman has already decided she wants an American husband. Therefore things move quicker because there is a specific purpose when meeting. Marriages are more successful if they fulfill a purpose. This is more than love.


    10. How do I know if the girl that I've met is marriage material or is just trying to extract resources from me?

This is a huge question, and is a big part of our screening process to make sure you only meet with quality girls. If you want some tips on how to screen the girl yourself, when you are spending time with the girl, go through the following checklist to see if this girl is a real, honest, marriage material girl:


a. If a woman is out for financial gain (an extractor), then she will lead you stores and locations. She will not give you an option to select the location.

b. When taking a taxi, she may negotiate a good price for you (remember as a foreigner a taxi driver will immediately try to charge you 10x higher than the local price). This is a sign that she is a good girl. However, if she is an extractor, she will tell the taxi driver to charge you as much as possible so that she can get a commission in return. As a side note, Uber is available in Novosibirsk. 

c. Extractor girls usually don’t have jobs. However, they will wear expensive designer clothes.  Ask her what she does for work and the name of the company. Go research it and see if it’s a real company that would pay enough for her to afford those clothes. If she doesn’t have a job that would pay for these things, then she is only out for monetary gain.

d. Ask her what she would do with $1 million dollars if she won the lottery.  A good girl will mention helping her family. An extractor girl will just talk about buying things and taking trips.

f. A girl who is genuinely into you will try to spend time alone with you.  But if you invite a girl to a restaurant, and she brings friends, this is a bad sign. Then she just wants to eat and drink with her friends. If this happens, you will end up picking up the bill.

g. An extractor girl's social media will be full of pictures of them leaning next to random exotic cars and other luxurious items.  

    11. What additional expenses do I need to plan for?

  1. You are responsible for airfare to and from Novosibirsk airport.
  2. You are responsible for all meals other than the hotel supplied breakfast and the specific meals we mention in the agenda.
  3. You are responsible for any individual dates or gifts you wish to treat a woman to.